Happy Anniversary to Us!


Hard to believe, but it was three years ago September 7th, when I opened the doors to customers for the very first time. Ironically, I hadn't considered the Washington County Fair parade, and for the first 1 1/2 hours people couldn't get to the shop! So we relaxed, enjoyed the spectacle of a small town parade, then experienced a successful and exhilarating opening day.

During my three years owning Wit & Whimzy I've learned a lot, made some mistakes, met some great people, and experienced the ups and downs of retail. Some of my favorite product lines were a flop while some became unexpected hits. I began with barely enough inventory to fill my shelves and now carry products from over 100 different artists and vendors. I have each of you to thank as I begin my fourth year, whether you have visited once, shop regularly or just follow Wit & Whimzy on social media. I wouldn't be starting Year 4 without your support, and I hope you'll continue the journey with me.

My mission was to offer unique, artisan crafted and USA made products to gift or treat yourself. I wanted someone on a budget to be able to find a card and fun gift for under $20, and we've certainly achieved that goal. May I share a few other core values that are important to me?

- I am still committed to USA made products and supporting artists and small businesses. Many of my vendors are Etsy sellers, working from their homes or small studios to follow their own dreams. I have expanded some product lines to include items manufactured in other countries. But they must be ethically sourced with core values I can support.


- I am still committed to keeping the shop full of both wit and whimsy, while being family friendly at the same time. While many companies are creating product lines that use vulgar language and the "f bomb" to go for a laugh, I feel we can make you smile without the use of such language. You may see an adult phrase here and there, but you don't have to shield your kids' eyes. :) I love snark, sass and a good pun, hence the "wit" that I hope will always keep folks chuckling.


-I am still committed to excellent customer service, and I want to hear from you if I ever disappoint in that respect. I'm still learning the fine balance between "being helpful" and "hovering" -- I want to be there for you, but not follow you around! So please don't hesitate to let me know if I've leaned too far one way or the other.

- I am still committed to keeping the inventory fresh. I try to have new products in at least once a week if not more often. Whether it's new jewelry, fresh soaps or new prints in the baby wear, I hope that each time you visit you'll see something new.


It's been a wonderful three years, and I thank you for your support and patronage. I hope that Wit & Whimzy will continue to grow and remain a vibrant part of this lovely town.

New Scents in the Shop!

The holiday decorations are put away, the landscape is barren, the weather is gloomy.  Sound  like the recipe for the winter blues?  Cheer up - this is the perfect time to warm up your space with luxurious candles in sumptuous scents.

I'm excited to introduce four new candle lines from two different vendors, and you are sure to discover a favorite one...or two...or three.


These amber apothecary jar candles from 228 Grant Street are 16 oz. and burn for over 120 hours.  Hand poured in Baltimore County, Maryland with natural soy from domestically grown soy beans, these candles are eco-friendly and the attractive jar can be re-used in your decor.  The description is like that of a fine wine:  "This unique blend combines the aroma of sweet coconut and bergamot with hearty, white vanilla musk, oak notes of patchouli surrounding you with a robust, calming scent."  Now you want one, don't you?


Also from 228 Grant Street, these 9 oz amber jars burn for over 40 hours and are made with the same care and quality of ingredients. Open the lid, close your eyes, and inhale slowly--you'll fall in love!

Because I was born and raised in northeast Ohio, 1820 House candles are near to my heart.  Founded in 2004 when the first batch was poured in the kitchen of the family's centuries-old farmhouse, 1820 House is a story of following your passion to success. 


The region of Ohio once known as the Steel Belt and home to major auto manufacturers is now called the Rust Belt because of the lost jobs and shuttered factories.  The Rust Belt Collective line is an homage to that history, but don't let the industrial style labels fool you.  The scents are sophisticated and luxurious.  These 9 oz. jars will burn over 50 hours.



The everyday Signature Line from 1820 House is based on "created" fragrances which may or may not contain essential oils. NON-GMO 100% pure plant wax candle infused with inspired fragrances and has a double wick.  The burn time is over 70 hours and with scents like "Whiskey + Pear" and "Blackberry + Lavender" you're sure to find a new favorite.

What better way to kick cabin fever than a brisk walk downtown? Stop in and see (or smell) the new arrivals in the shop--we have the perfect cure for your winter blues!