Featured Artist: Madeleine Etter

Stop in and browse our jewelry, and you will find yourself admiring the beautiful craftsmanship of Phyllis and Hazel.  Raw gemstones, hammered metal, polished stones and cast bronze—this jewelry is raw and sophisticated at the same time.  So who are Phyllis and Hazel, and where did they get their mad jewelry making skills?  In reality, Phyllis and Hazel are actually guinea pigs owned by the real jewelry artist Maddie Etter.

A Marietta High School grad, Maddie earned her BFA in Fashion Design from The Columbus College of Art & Design. She’s been making and selling jewelry most of her young life, and explains that her pieces are inspired by childhood fossil digs with her family:

 "As a child growing up in rural Ohio, my artist father used to take my sister and me to freshly plowed cornfields to dig for fossils and arrowheads. The simplicity of digging a material from beneath the earth with my hands that had some special purpose fascinated me. I think that largely contributed to my choice of materials: rocks and metal. I work with brass, copper, silver, and semiprecious gemstones. I prefer the look of un-faceted, natural materials and often incorporate raw gems into my designs."

Maddie describes her designs as “quirky and a little twisted” and her castings of teeth (deer molars and a megaladon tooth) fit that description.  But they, along with all the Phyllis and Hazel pieces, are beautiful and wearable.  That’s important to Maddie—the jewelry has to stand the test of time while still being artful and distinctly handmade. 

Some of the Phyllis and Hazel pieces utilize stones that are polished to a satiny gloss while others use the raw stone in all its natural glory. Not only does Maddie use high quality materials, but she skillfully forms each component of her jewelry. For instance, the metal Crescent Moons of the lariat necklaces are not mass produced, they are hand crafted one at a time.

These days Maddie, along with Phyllis and Hazel, makes her home in Columbus. But lucky for us, she has allowed some of her amazing work to be offered here in Wit & Whimzy. Come see it close up, and learn more about Phyllis and Hazel at www.phyllisandhazel.com.