Gift Exchange? Office Gifts? We've got you covered!

Have you been invited to a gathering that will include a gift exchange?  Secret Santa?  Workplace exchange, or even teacher gifts?  Some people thrive on the challenge, while others stress out trying to find the right balance.  Relax, we've got plenty of ideas for those tricky gifts -- you can find a unique item and still stay under the dollar limit!

Once again Whiskey River comes to the rescue, with soaps and candles for all personalities.  Some are designed just for this occasion, as you can see.  Their labels are funny, they're suitable for guys or gals, and they actually smell pretty darn good!


I don't know anyone who doesn't drink coffee or tea, do you?  These enamel camp style mugs are durable and the designs run from home style to humorous.  They hold a generous 12 oz., enough for a beer, too!



Ladies' Book Club exchange?  A lovely compact, snarky wine flask, or heavenly scented wax melts will be sure to bring a smile to the recipient.


Did you draw a name and need a gift for that special person?  A funny trophy will look great on their desk year round.


Do you need a gift that is a bit more...serious?  We have lovely calendars, journals and notepads that are both practical and attractive.


Stop into Wit & Whimzy, and we'll help you find the right gift for all your holiday exchanges!