Featured Artist: Ginger Root Bags

When you see the quality of items in Wit & Whimzy, you’ll assume that all the vendors and artists must surely be adults with experience and/or education.  You would be right, with one exception: the young lady behind Ginger Root Bags is an eighth grade student!

Meet Victoria, who learned to hand sew by stitching on pieces of felt her mom gave her.  Since felt isn’t a fabric normally used in clothing, Victoria didn’t feel that she was sewing with “real” fabric and asked for more fabric.  She progressed to using quilt cotton and soon became impatient to use a machine.  With help from her mom, she completed her first couple of projects; and with help from her grandmother she created a tote bag.

Victoria’s grandmother is an experienced seamstress, skilled at making clothes and even a wedding dress for Victoria’s mom.  She provides help and inspiration as Victoria explains:

“I think of her a lot when I sew, and I know she loves seeing all the bags I’ve been making”.

Just last summer, Victoria began to create her line of wedge bags.  She is also a knitter and wanted a project bag, so she decided to draft a pattern and make her own. She was so pleased with the results that she made several more and designed tags to add her “signature” to each bag.  Victoria uses bright trendy fabrics in lovely combinations that add a cheerful accessory to any outfit.

After receiving some cork fabric for Christmas, Victoria designed a clutch that would incorporate the cork into the structure.  Cork is a vegan alternative to leather, and adds a nice shape to the clutch.  Victoria was so happy with the end product that she now features the clutch alongside the wedge in her Etsy shop.

So why the name Ginger Root?  Victoria loves all things ginger—the spice, the tea, the candy—everything.  In addition, she believes ginger implies boldness and confidence, and Victoria strives to be bold and confident in her hobby, her schoolwork, and her fledgling business.

The name was a perfect fit, and her label adds an attractive branding to her products.

I’ve said it many times---discovering and meeting the talented people who create the products I sell is a favorite part of Wit & Whimzy.  One of my customers had seen Victoria and her Ginger Root Bags at a school craft show and suggested I contact her.  I’m so glad I did, and when you see her work I’m sure you’ll agree.

You can follow Victoria on Instagram @gingerrootbags, and stop by the shop to buy your own!