Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find your cool stuff? – We scour Instagram, Etsy, art markets and other gatherings of creative people, constantly reaching out to artisans and small business people.  Just think of all the time and effort we’re saving you, by bringing the products into one great shop!

I’m in love with a product, but live in a rural mountain village, can I still buy it? – If you see an item on Instagram or Facebook that you can’t live without, contact us.  We just may be able to ship it to you, and invoice via Paypal.

I received an item as a gift—it’s just not me!  Do you offer refunds? – If an item is flawed, you can return it within 14 days of purchase for an exchange or store credit.  If it’s just not your style, you can return it within 14 days of purchase for store credit.  Sorry, no cash refunds.

There are too many great things to choose from, can I just give a gift card?  - Yep, you can buy a gift card for any amount! 

Is everything really made in the USA? –Yes, to every extent possible.  The exception would be if an artisan uses materials that were imported (perhaps jewelry components), but the design and work are done here in the land of the free! 

Hey, some of your stuff looks old! – Good eye!  Yes, Wit & Whimzy also carries some quality vintage items, curated throughout the store to inspire you and provide more one-of-a-kind goodness.  Of course, vintage items may be manufactured outside the USA, but they’re being given new life, so it’s okay.